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The product briquetting is sold by Ora Cinci company and is part of the Wood Pellet Boilers Accessories product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product briquetting you can contact the company Ora Cinci via an offer request below.
Sold by: Ora Cinci -
Price: 750
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briquetting. Wood briquettes

- They are ecological and economic;
- The cost of briquette heating is up to 50% lower than the price of petroleum products and 40% lower than the price of electricity;
- They are non-polluting. The amount of CO2 from burning briquettes is equal to the amount of trees used to grow
- Briquettes are made from sawdust, wood chips or even bark;
- In the combustion gases the dust is alkaline;
- They have low metal content and sulfur is almost non-existent;
- The briquetting bags are easy to store;
- It does not require large storage space
- A ton of briquettes is the equivalent of 3 tons of wood;
- A ton of briquettes is the equivalent of a ton of cox.
- Packed in plastic bags of 10 Kg.
- The price is displayed at 1 tonne. (can also be sold at the bag)

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