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Oil separators Iber

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Oil separators Iber
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Oil separators Iber. The hydrocarbon separator is required in all types of mechanical workshops, garages, service stations, car washes, etc. Its mission is to separate residuals of mineral fats, oils, water fuels.

The Resmat Hydrocarbon Separator is built according to DIN 1999 and European Norms UNE-EN 858-1 and UNE-EN 858-2, and has a reduction percentage of up to 90%. The maximum discharge of hydrocarbons is 5mg / l.

- Fiberglass reinforced polyester (P.RF.V.)
- Pipes for polypropylene (PPH)

- High chemical and mechanical resistance.
- High corrosion resistance.
- High weather resistance.

- Evacuation of the hydrocarbon layer every 2-3 months, and solid sediment once every year.

- Pre-discharge of solids.
- Combining micro particles in larger droplets
- Obstruction that prevents leakage of hydrocarbons in the tributary.
- Rapid floating of bubbles.


The process begins by decanting the solid matter, usually sand. Because of the weight difference between water and hydrocarbons, they will be located in the lower part or the upper part of the deposit. The water will be extracted from the bottom of the deposit and passed into the second compartment, where the small droplets of hydrocarbons that are not separated from the water due to the reduced volume will merge to form larger droplets. In the ulltim process the float that interferes with the exit of the hydrocarbons and blocks the exit if the maximum deposit level is exceeded.

In car washes when hydrocarbons come accompanied by large amounts of sand, it is necessary to install a sand separator for the good functioning of the oil separator.

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