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Celadon pottery Sake Set

The product Celadon pottery Sake Set is sold by Universal Net Trade company and is part of the Decorative ceramics product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Celadon pottery Sake Set you can contact the company Universal Net Trade via an offer request below.
Celadon pottery Sake Set
Sold by: Universal Net Trade -
Price: 190.00
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Celadon pottery Sake Set. Ceramics called CELADON are generally characterized by their simple yet refined shapes, their jade brilliance, their durability, and especially their special style. While celadon porcelain products were produced in Langquan, China, Zhejiang celadon became the most appreciated, and generally known as longuquan gingci, the name in Chinese that would translate into " porcelain green & # 8221 ;.
The story of the name of this porcelain in Europe - CELADON - is particularly interesting. Celadon was the name of the hero of the novel "Astrology" written by a French writer named Honore D'Urée in 1610. Celadon was the lover of the main heroine Astree, described as a young man who used to dress completely in green, thus spreading this fashion to much of Europe. It happens exactly when the Chinese porcelain, ginci, became known in Paris, and earned its first signs of recognition. Therefore, people began to compare the color of the porcelain to that of Celadon's clothing, and began naming the porcelain celadon, the name spreading to other countries.

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