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Plaster facade GL99

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Plaster facade GL99
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Plaster facade GL99. GL99 for facades GL99

Professional cement-based shutter for finishing walls and ceilings on the outside

Packaging: multi-layer paper bags with a net weight of 20 kg.
Appearance: white powder
Conservation: 12 months in original packaging, on wooden pallets in dry places.
Consumption: approx. 1-2 kg / m2
Fields of use: it is used for finishing walls and ceilings, thermal and sound insulation systems on the interior and exterior of buildings. It can be applied on both rough and fluffy plasters. By using the Glet product, the GL 99 professional facade facade gives white, smooth, smooth sanding surfaces that can be dyed or painted easily with low paint consumption.
Quality assurance: The product is manufactured in a certified ISO 9001 quality management system. It is a cement based (C) standard (I) grade CI according to SR EN 998-1 / 2004.

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