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Homa Slate Strips (paddle)

The product Homa Slate Strips (paddle) is sold by PIATRAONLINE company and is part of the Slate Tiles, Wall & Floor Tiles, Topps Tiles product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Homa Slate Strips (paddle) you can contact the company PIATRAONLINE via an offer request below.
Homa Slate Strips (paddle)
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Homa Slate Strips (paddle). Decorative natural stone Homa has recently become a leader in exterior and interior design. What can be more in the trend than the type of natural stone '' Fasii '' that can be used in any design, especially because it can be easily mounted? Homa slate frames are a combination of cream and rust, suggesting power and elegance.
Montana Natural Stone The Homa cut out of the slate, exceptionally durable, on the back, for easy and fast assembly. Highly used internally by architects and builders, this type of natural stone plywood allows for a unique design that offers creative possibilities. After finishing the assembly, the result will look like a stack of natural stone. Montana Natural Stone The Homa Fascia can be used to cover the interior walls of the bathroom, kitchen, hall, shower, cellar. Outdoors can be used to cover the house, fences, walls of any kind & hellip; Platement can also be directly on the brick.

Usage: The product is a joining of a sand and rust, the natural stone used in interior or exterior plating. Neutral buildings are highlighted when exterior plating is done on the facade or socket. To achieve that rustic-modern look it is recommended to use strips for the cellars, cellars, etc. At the same time it is the choice of architects and interior design owners to achieve a unique character in living rooms, hallways, bedrooms.

Recommendations Mounting:

If the installation is up to 3 m tall, the slate can be laid directly over the thermal system, brick.

If the installation is more than 3 m high, it is compulsory to use rabbit mesh and several dowels to secure the thermosystem.

If mounting is desired over Rigips, it is compulsory to use a rack.
ColourBeige / Crem

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