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Slate polygonal Rhodes - Lespezi (1MP = 4-10 pcs)

The product Slate polygonal Rhodes - Lespezi (1MP = 4-10 pcs) is sold by PIATRAONLINE company and is part of the Natural / Decorative stone product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Slate polygonal Rhodes - Lespezi (1MP = 4-10 pcs) you can contact the company PIATRAONLINE via an offer request below.
Slate polygonal Rhodes - Lespezi (1MP = 4-10 pcs)
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Slate polygonal Rhodes - Lespezi (1MP = 4-10 pcs). Try the greatness and tranquility of the Greek Greeks! Use Rhodos. Slate is a resistant natural stone, making it ideal for paving gardens and pedestrian walkways, whether public or private, especially where there is medium traffic.
Rhodes Slate recommended for outdoor arrangements in gardens, pedestrian alleys, etc., also offers an excellent solution in vertical plating for facades, embankments, fences and interior walls. These slabs are of large size, leaving also a great freedom of composition and a shorter installation time. Small color variations help create a relaxing, united look.

In the case of pavements, these scaffolds (4-10 pcs / sqm) are mounted on a semi-wet screed. Garden or interior ornament, slate is not only robust, aesthetic and functional, but also resists the frost-thaw phenomenon. It is suitable for pedestrian walkways, garden steps (Japanese steps) and vertical plating (eg home sockets or fences, etc.)
ColourBeige / Crem

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