Standard modular ramp

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Standard modular ramp
Sold by: Rapid Ramp - modular wheelchair ramps for steps, modular metal ramp systems
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Standard modular ramp. This ramp system is more often specified as a low-risk entry approach for residential applications.

However, the system could also be useful for schools and public buildings with added protective measures such as Infill Handrails.

Widths available:

900 mm - recommended width for dwellings in accordance with Section 6 of Document M of the Building Regulations.
1000 mm - our regular dwelling ramp.
1200 mm - our slightly wider ramp.
1500 mm - recommended width of ramps for public buildings.

Any of the above can be secured together to create almost any width.

Bespoke sizes are available:

Ramps can be designed as wide as you like.

Please indicate the necessary width within your enquiry.

Optional Extras:

• GRP Platform - A slip-resistant and non-corrosive surface that is suitable for areas with high footfal such as schools and public spaces. The product is available as standard in dark grey.
• Infill Handrail - This product stops users from jumping or slipping across gaps. It is also indicated for schools and public buildings.
• Yellow Tread - A protection feature intended to allow people with poor vision to locate the nose of the ramp or step. In addition, it allows users to differentiate between any changes in the stage.
• Gates Unit - A gate unit can be mounted to the side of the platform; 1200mm or larger.
• Step Unit - The step unit is an excellent addition to any ramp installation, offering the required access for able-bodied users. They may also be stand-alone units, independent of the Rapid Ramp System.
• Lower Intermediate Handrail - This handrail is intended to be used for young children and users in wheelchairs. The handrail should be 600 mm from the system floor.
• Access Hatch - The hatch opens to give an individual access to underground services.
• Standard Underside Mesh - This mesh is built to discourage children from accessing the bottom of the ramp. It is also indicated for schools and public buildings.
• Fine Underside Mesh - This mesh has 20mm x 20mm square holes intended to avoid litter from blowing under the ramp.
• Custom Powder Coated Colour - Rapid Ramp comes as usual in black, but you can select a personalised colour to fit your requirements. All we need is your RAL colour number. This can be identified by a colour chart.
ColourCustom Powder Coated Colour
Destinationuseful for schools and public buildings
BrandRapid Ramp
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