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Softener. Softening station, resin capacity 20 liters and nominal flow rate 1.9 mc / h

North Star soothers care for you and nature!

- The 1.5 mm limestone deposition on the washing machine's resistance leads to an increase in energy consumption of approx. 15%.
- A 20-30% more energy boiler for heating water with hardness (limestone).
- Forgotten faulty faucets, clogged pipes or destroyed thermal power stations !!!
- Longer life for washing machine, coffee maker, ironing machine and other household appliances that use water ...
- Comfort and savings for the entire home

Technical data:

- Exchange capacity (grd.F x mc @ Kg salt / regeneration): 144 @ 3.0
- Amount of ion exchange resin (liters): 20
- Continuous Flow (liters / h): 1900
- Input / Output Connections: 1
- Dimensions gauge (cm): 30 x 30 x 124
- Maximum water hardness of the supply water (grd.G / grd.F): 67/119
- Max. water supply (bar): 8.6
- Min / max. water supply (grd.C): 4 - 49
- Power supply: 24 VAC / 50 Hz
- Consumption of maximum washing water at regeneration (liters): 120
- Salt storage capacity (Kg): 100

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