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Wastewater treatment Iber

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Wastewater treatment Iber
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Wastewater treatment Iber. The Biological Tailings, Digestion and Filtration System called the filter bed is suitable for domestic waste water treatment. The system respects the current Spanish norm, Decree 606/2003 and European Norm 91 / 271CEE and Romanian norm NTPA 001.

The Iber filter wells were designed for a consumption of 200 l / eq. per day with a retention time of 24 hours. The efficiency of this treatment system is:


The wastewater enters the purification station passing through the first compartment called digestor decant, where primary sedimentation and active mud digestion are carried out, where anaerobic bacteria consume organic matter, decomposing solids. Clear water reaches the biological filter by passing through a water dispensing tube clear filter material, where aerobic / anaerobic bacteria continue to purify organic debris from the water, leaving it in optimum conditions for evacuation.

- Polyester reinforced with glass fiber (P.R.F.V.)
- Pipes for polypropylene (PPH)

- High chemical and mechanical resistance.
- High corrosion resistance.
- High weather resistance.

- Evacuation of 3/4 of accumulated mud each year.
- Decantor: Performs primary sedimentation.
- Digestor: Calming.
- Biological filter: Biological treatment of organic matter.

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