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Vitroflex boiler steel coil with a conical

The product Vitroflex boiler steel coil with a conical is sold by Brener Instal company and is part of the Boilers & Heater Coils product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Vitroflex boiler steel coil with a conical you can contact the company Brener Instal via an offer request below.
Vitroflex boiler steel coil with a conical
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Price: 6 897,95
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Boiler type SICC model 209 SEC - 300 l, code 34B 1233.
Boiler used for the production and accumulation of A.C.M. provided with axial coil in the form of conical spiral.
The boiler is mounted vertically. Inside is treated with "Vitroflex Hi-Tech" (an epoxy resin that combines the qualities of plastic, with the hardness and hygiene of the email). Outside the boiler is insulated with rigid polyurethane and protected with a pre-painted galvanized zinc placket. Optionally you can equip yourself with: a programmer who can program: 4 levels of temperature / day / week; 2 cycles / week, 2 hours, raising the boiler water temperature to 70-C to destroy the bacteria; wear of magnesium anode; circulation pump control (maximum 500 W); the use of an electric resistance of 2 kW for anti-ice function and production of A.C.M. in economic regime; display the temperature of the delivered water and the set temperature on the display; regulating thermostat (0-60 ° C); thermometer; magnesium anode.

Technical specifications:
- Capacity: 300 liters
- useful power: 38 kW
- flow / return temperature: 80/70 ° C
- Serpentine surface: 1,6 sqm
- Primary flow rate: 3276 l / h
- primary load loss: 42 mbar
- cold water inlet temperature: 12 ° C
- Storage temperature ACM: 60-C
- ACM usage temperature: 45-C
- Continuous DHW flow: 993 l / h
- maximum boiler pressure: 8 bar
- maximum coil pressure: 12 bar
- Primary flow / return connection: 3/4 "
- DHW inlet / outlet connection: 1 1/4 "/ 1 1/4 "
- Recirculation connection: 1 "
- electrical resistance connection: 2
- Dimensions D x h: 600 x 1520 mm
- weight: 85 kg

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