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Central pellets 40 CIS

The product Central pellets 40 CIS is sold by Ora Cinci company and is part of the Wood Pellet Boilers product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Central pellets 40 CIS you can contact the company Ora Cinci via an offer request below.
Central pellets 40 CIS
Sold by: Ora Cinci -
Price: 20000
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Central pellets 40 CIS. CIS Wood Pellets 40

The generator is of the three coil type for the production of hot water for civil and industrial heating.

In the case of CSI type generators, the fuel descends with the gravity of the funnel in the upper auger and from there is pushed into the rotary valve or simply directly into the burner power auger. The rotary valve has the double function of charging the fuel to the burner's power auger and interrupting the continuity of the fuel to the two snails, preventing the return of smoke and possible flames that may come out through the fuel feeder.
The rotating power of the lower spindle causes the combustion basin to be properly fed and is therefore a determining factor for the correct operation of the generator. Fuel in the combustion basin is burned with primary and secondary air intake.

The heat that develops in the combustion chamber is transferred to the cavities filled with water in the steel walls of the generator.
Warm smoke coming out of the combustion chamber passes through the front door cavity, crosses the tubes to be removed in the rear smoke connection, passing through the two smoke coils that make up the particularity of this type of heat generator.

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