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Software design Terramodel

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Software design Terramodel
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Software design Terramodel. The Terramodel suite is a program package with various applications designed for civil engineering design work. It includes modules for generating the digital terrain model and level curves, communication path design, computer assisted design (CAD) and various calculations (COGO). Each module contains command sets, which add specific features to the basic capabilities of FDM. Terramodel contains a macrolimage (TML) that allows you to create personalized commands.

The main features of the Field Data Module (FDM) are tilted to download / import of measured data with total stations, coordinate calculation, original landing, including lines and inscriptions, and export / upload data. Using the Terramodel program, the user can import data collected with Trimble optical instruments as well as from other types of devices. The program allows you to perform all geometric calculations, speeding up road projects, generating level curves, calculating volumes, etc.

Main Features:

- Processing and offsetting of convective data
- Deformation monitoring options
- Drawing plans automatically
- Transverse and longitudinal profiles, level curves, volume calculation
- 3D view
- Designing roads, tunnels, pipelines

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