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Drainage pumps

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Drainage pumps
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Drainage pumps. DRAIN PUMPS
Series D, DA are especially designed for difficult applications involving waste water or sewage. They are effective in water scavengers and other drainage applications in the public sector, construction, mining, quarrying and marine sectors.

The main advantage of the equipment is that it does not need priming to work partially or totally submerged. Can work empty for short periods of time. No need for fixed installations, a flexible hose or tube is sufficient. They can work day and night without interrupting or endangering the processor or employees. Does not require the soles of the probe. It does not require lubrication. They are easy to carry because of their low weight. Parts replacement, and preventive maintenance can be done locally, easily and quickly without specialized mechanics.

Resistance and low weight were combined in design. The engine housing and pump body are made of SILUMIN, depending on the model, resisting both corrosion and marine water, engine terminals and windings are specifically protected against humidity. Systems are also incorporated to ensure perfect engine isolation. A bimetallic carbon-tungsten isolator is specially built to resist mechanical abrasion. It contains an oil bath between the motor and the pump. Fully insulated terminals, where even if the cable is not reached, the water will not reach the winding. The turbine, which is at the bottom of the equipment, for complete fluid discharge, is made of a wear-resistant alloy. It is designed with grooves that avoid clogging.

The inside of the pump body is covered in a special rubber to avoid rapid wear due to abrasive particles in the liquid column. This range of pumps includes models with flow rates of up to 1300 m3 / hour.

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