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Thermal insulation phono

The product Thermal insulation phono is sold by Izohaus Insulation company and is part of the Expanded polystyrene product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Thermal insulation phono you can contact the company Izohaus Insulation via an offer request below.
Thermal insulation phono
Sold by: Izohaus Insulation -
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Thermal insulation phono. Insulation with thermo-phono polyurethane foam

Ecological 100%

    Does not use the air to isolate.
    Controls ambient temperature.
    Prevents heat loss.
    Reduces energy costs.
    Improves sound insulation - there are also special polyurethane systems for impact noise (floor) and ambient noise (roof walls) that achieve noise reduction performance of 72db. Applications in: recording studios, radio, television, nightclubs, discos, conference rooms, etc.
    Stops roof leaks.
    Protects the structure.
    Reduces vibration transmission.
    It is a light but durable insulation (minimum 50 years without changing its properties).
    Rigidises the structure of a building (200% wooden buildings).
    It is a 100% organic product.
    Applies to any surface.
    Seals perfectly any spaces, pores, etc.
    Forms a continuous coating without joints, thermal bridges.
    Weather resistance.
    It can be applied both indoors and outdoors.
    Recover your investment quickly.
    Resistance to traffic.
    Wide range of applications.
    Eliminates spaces where insects, rodents, parasites, etc. can live.
    Total warranty.

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