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Tempered silicone paint EMEX TRS 400

The product Tempered silicone paint EMEX TRS 400 is sold by Romtehnochim company and is part of the Industrial paints / coatings product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Tempered silicone paint EMEX TRS 400 you can contact the company Romtehnochim via an offer request below.
Tempered silicone paint EMEX TRS 400
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Tempered silicone paint EMEX TRS 400. Silicone Thermoresistant EMEX TRS 400 is a professional, air-dry, single-component, silicone resin based powder coating, pigments, specific additives and organic solvents. It is a paint with superior film and strength characteristics. After application to metallic elements, the silicone heat-resistant paint dries under the action of high temperature, achieving superior parameters of high temperature resistance or excessive heat. It is produced only in the colors: black and silver.

Main Features:

- High adherence;
- Easy application;
- Short drying time;
- High coverage power;
- Good display;
- Metallic or matt appearance;
- Good hardness;
- Good durability;
- High temperature resistance up to 400 ° C.

Fields of Use:

     Higher resistance to high temperature exposure guaranteed up to 400 ° C makes EMEX TRS 400 Silicone Heat Resistant for professional use for painting, decorating and protecting steel and cast iron items that are continuously or temporarily subjected to high temperatures. It is especially recommended for painting the exhaust elements of cars: exhaust pipes, exhaust drums, and industrial furnaces.
     Prior to application, in the case of old, non-adherent paints, they are completely removed by scraping, burning with a gasoline lamp, or by using the Emex CM Cleaner special chemical solution or EMEX PC ECO Decapant.
     However, for the proper preparation of metallic surfaces it is mandatory to clean by sanding or cleaning by mechanical brushing, followed by dust blowing by compressed air blowing and degreasing with recommended chemicals or solvent.
     Priming, where required, will only be recommended by the manufacturer with a heat-resistant silicone primer, as it is the only one that provides total compatibility with EMEX TRS 400, thermo-resisting silicone paint.
     It is forbidden to use any chemical or product that could come into contact with this paint without the manufacturer's recommendation.

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