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Metal tile GERARD

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Metal tile GERARD
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Metal tile GERARD. Metal tiles GERARD

Metal Tile Gerard & # 174; perfectly blends the look of a traditional tile with the qualities of a metal tile. Whether it is a modern or traditional cover, whether it is looking for an easy and durable roof, or that it is the classic, rustic or modern look, Gerard & # remains the best choice.

Metal Tile Gerard & # 174; has the main advantage of having a traditional tile look (thanks to the natural stone laid with acrylic resin) combined with the weight and all the other advantages of a metal tile. Durability, thanks to Zincalume & # 174; deposited on both sides, made of Gerard & # one of the most durable metal tiles in the world.
The guarantee of such a system is 50 years (pro-rata) and the lifetime estimated by the manufacturer is between 80 and 120 years, depending on the climatic conditions.

- Classic appearance, premium tile, due to natural stone deposition;
- Also due to stone deposition, the rain noise is considerably weaker than in the case of ordinary metal tiles;
- Zincalume layer protection & # 174; deposited on both sides guarantees greater corrosion resistance than galvanized or galvanized sheet;
- High resistance in time in areas with increased salinity and / or humidity;
- The horizontal mounting system gives it wind resistance up to 120 Km / h;
- With 7 Kg / m2, Gerard & # 174; is one of the lightest roofs in the world;
- Due to the specific profile, the assembly material losses are minimal and the assembly is easy and fast;
- Because of the roughness of the surface, the snow is retained on the roof, the parapets are only necessary at very high inclines.

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