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Metal tiling Koral

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Metal tiling Koral
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Metal tiling Koral. Koral metal tile is a classic model that imitates traditional ceramic tiles. The profile is produced in two variants with the module length of 350 and 400 mm. Vikingprofil metal tiles are suitable for new constructions, but also for the renovation of existing ones, considering that their main feature is the low weight, which does not affect the structure of the resistance.

The Koral metal tile is made of pre-painted steel sheet. The standard coat of coating is polyester with a thickness of 25 mm. It is the most economical type of coverage. The matt polyester mat, Mat 35 & # 181; m, is thicker, provides better protection against corrosion and, due to the matt appearance, resembles classic ceramic tile roofs. Plastisol (HPS) 200 & # 181; m has the best resistance to mechanical damage and the best resistance to steel sheet against corrosion.

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