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Transpalete S - SLT 10

The product Transpalete S - SLT 10 is sold by Endress Generators company and is part of the Pallet trucks product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Transpalete S - SLT 10 you can contact the company Endress Generators via an offer request below.
Transpalete S - SLT 10
Sold by: Endress Generators -
Price: 1.00
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Transpalete S - SLT 10. S - SLT 10
Technical details:

Capacity 1000 kg
Minimum fork height 85 mm
Max fork height 800 mm
Steering handle 160 x 50 mm
Tandem 78 x 60 mm
Fork dimensions 200 x 50 mm
Overall width 540 mm
Fork length 127 mm

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