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Vapor barrier Delta Reflex Plus

The product Vapor barrier Delta Reflex Plus is sold by Betcif company and is part of the Anti-condensation roof foil product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Vapor barrier Delta Reflex Plus you can contact the company Betcif via an offer request below.
Vapor barrier Delta Reflex Plus
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Vapor barrier Delta Reflex Plus. The Delta Reflex Plus and Delta Reflex anti-vapor barriers have an Sd value of more than 150 m. These vapor barriers provide thermal protection up to 10% and up to 30% protection against electromagnetic fields, along with a thermal reflection coefficient of 50%.

The Delta Reflex and Delta Reflex Plus waterproof barrier vapor barriers consist of a corrosion-resistant aluminum layer sealed between a transparent polyester film and a reinforced polyethylene film.

The design and composition of the material make the Delta Reflex membrane a very flexible product, easy to install. High tear resistance prevents damage during assembly. The flexibility of the material ensures fast installation, even in difficult places.

Technical details:
- Combustion behavior: Flammability class B1, according to DIN 4102 (Check mark Z-PA-III / 2.1268)
- Breaking resistance: approx. 450 N / 5 cm, according to DIN 53 354, in both directions
- Sd value: over 150m
- Thermal resistance: between -40 ° C and + 80 ° C
- Weight: approx. 180g / m & # 178;
- Roll weight: Approx. 13.5kg
- Roll length: 25m / 50m
- Roll width: 3m / 1.50m

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