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Glossy Gloss paint Emex

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Glossy Gloss paint Emex
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Glossy Gloss paint Emex. EMEX GLOSS is a professional waterproofing product based on Latex acrylic polymers for finishing interior or exterior plasters. It has superior gloss, excellent grip and high coverage (1 coat for properly prepared surfaces). Does not easily allow dirt to adhere to the substrate, is easy to maintain and can be washed with sponge and water in abundance.
     It is made in any shade according to the NCS color palette.

Main Features:

- Excellent adhesion to the support;
- Excellent coverage;
- Grade high white;
- Easy application and maintenance;
- High gloss;
- Low drying time;
- Washability;
- Resistance to fungi and molds;
- Vapor permeability and water impermeability.

Fields of Use:

     EMEX GLOSS Glossy Washable Paint is intended for professional use in order to protect and finish the high quality of the interior or exterior surfaces of new or old buildings.
     It is one of the washable paints indicated for use in exposed areas either with excessive dirt or other factors such as dust, grease, steam, etc., due to the fact that it does not allow the dirt to adhere to the surface, as well as that it can be cleaned with the sponge, by washing with abundant water.
     It is used as the final coat to cover the following types of mineral base surfaces: concrete, masonry, lime-cement plasters, lime or plaster plasters, new or old plasters based on binders, gypsum boards, mineral conglomerates absorbent of any type, old organic or mineral paint, dried, compact and absorbent.
     It can also be used successfully on other surfaces such as: OSB, MDF, chipboard, plywood, panel, canvas, cardboard, asbestos, expanded polystyrene.
     For professional painting, application on the internal surfaces is recommended to use the grinding and filling primer EMO, which can be sanded beforehand. Areas attacked by mold or fungi will be cleaned with Sanitizant Forte EMEX.
     Required, prior to paint application, new surfaces will be prepared with EMEX Wall Primer EMEX or EMEX Anti-molding Primer.

Technical Data Sheet: http://www.emex.ro/Doc/Vopsea-Lavabila-Lucioasa-Emex-Gloss.pdf

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