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Waste water pump

The product Waste water pump is sold by Interobiz company and is part of the Waste Water Pumps product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Waste water pump you can contact the company Interobiz via an offer request below.
Waste water pump
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Waste water pump. RESIDUAL WATER PUMPS
These pumps are designed for the circulation of sewage and sewage with a high level of suspended solids. The ARS, BSA series are typically recommended for multiple applications such as residential sewers, metropolitan sewage and drainage systems, papermaking, and industrial residue drainage.

The ARS series consists of a wide variety of submersible waste water pumps. These are pumps adapted to the transfer of wastewater with suspended solids and viscous liquids. They are used in wastewater treatment plants, pumping waste water from lower collectors, clogging basins, lowerways of highways, industry, etc.

In addition to this range come AJS, AR, and AGS. With these new series we offer solutions for wastewater purification, mixing-stirring, ventilation or mud-pumping processes.

To select an equipment for an application, please contact the Iterobiz technical department and provide you with optimal solutions. ARS series are available with turbine turbine, turbine turbine, single-channel turbine, multi-channel turbine and abrasive propeller, allowing liquids with solid particles from 6 mm to 105 mm.

All groups are equipped with three-phase motors with a short-circuit rotor, with an IP 68 protection class and class H insulation. With power from 1.1 HP for drainage and crushing machines up to 113 hp for larger single-channel models. This range of pumps includes models with flow rates up to 1000 m3 / hour.

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