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Attic window with integrated blind window

The product Attic window with integrated blind window is sold by Betcif company and is part of the Rooflights, Roof Windows & Skylights product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Attic window with integrated blind window you can contact the company Betcif via an offer request below.
Attic window with integrated blind window
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Attic window with integrated blind window. Keylite has developed the loft window with window blinds, thus giving you three products in one. Once the window is installed, you will not need indoor or outdoor rolls to keep or change periodically.

The integrated blind is sealed between the two glass sheets so it is not affected by the outside environment (dust, smoke, humidity) and therefore requires zero maintenance. This greatly increases the lifetime of the integrated blind, which can reach 14 years.

Why three products in one? In addition to the attic window, you have an integrated shutter that plays both the role of the inner coil, allowing you to almost totally diminish and control the light, as well as the role of an outer one, being reflective on the outside. Thus, the loft window with integrated curtain will improve your thermal comfort with almost 50% thermal comfort in the summer.

Technical details

- Material: Nordic pine wood multilayer, tied on counterfibre
- Finishing: 2 layers of transparent acrylic lacquer
- Joint type: Median
- Drive type: Upper
- Installation angle: 15 ° - 90 °
- Glass: 4-20-4, Secured, Low-E, with argon
- The pleated blind is integrated between the glass sheets

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