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ZeoZorb 25Kg Bag

The product ZeoZorb 25Kg Bag is sold by Artificial Grass Direct Ltd company and is part of the Artificial Grass Accessories product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product ZeoZorb 25Kg Bag you can contact the company Artificial Grass Direct Ltd via an offer request below.
ZeoZorb 25Kg Bag
Sold by: Artificial Grass Direct Ltd - Premium Artificial Grass
Product page: ZeoZorb 25Kg Bag
Price: £51.24
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ZeoZorb 25Kg Bag. ZeoZorb is a special substance that is used alongside artificial grass to help eliminate odours from pet wee. It has the remarkable ability of being able to absorb the smelly ammonia particles in dog urine and then, after some rainfall, it is able to reset and re-absorb even more ammonia.
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