Dakota Est

County East Ayrshire, Scotland

Keywords associated with this company:
building materials, gutters, roofing accessories, interior finishes, building tools

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Dakota East is part of the Dakota Italia group of companies, with the building materials trade.
The portfolio is structured in 6 catalog sections:

Drain (Products for water harvesting and drainage: Rigole Taurus (Rigola Taurus Plus), Rigole Pegasus, Camels and related products, Galvanized products, Drains and drillers);

Roof (Attic windows, Skylights, Roof accessories, Retractable stairs);

Air (Universal and fixed venting grills: ABS air vents, Plastic ventilation grills, Aluminum ventilation grills, Copper ventilation grills, ABS ABS brackets);

Indoor (Products for Interior Finishing from Glass Brick to Tile Profiles, Fork Doors for interior doors, windows and exterior doors);

Building (a wide range of glass fiber nets certified, for plaster and products specific to wall-making: Fiberglass building nets, Plaster for plastering, Profiles, Expansion dowels, Concrete plastic elements);

Equipement, Signs and signs, Labor protection equipment and supplies, Construction site tools and tools.