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We are underfloor heating and gas engineers and are experts in the installation and maintenance and repair of these systems. There are lots of heating engineers who offer underfloor heating as one option of many other heating solutions. However, we are experts and specialists and are frequently called in to solve problems after other non-expert installations.

We offer several services, including new underfloor heating installation, repairs / emergency callouts and maintenance. Our company focuses on underfloor heating systems both wet and electric while competitor companies offer underfloor heating as only part of their portfolio. The UFHC has developed unparalleled expertise in these systems and is frequently called in to sort out issues left by less experienced installers.

Our repair plans include both electrical and wet underfloor heating. We support all forms of underfloor heating!

The Underfloor Heating Company is the best option for all of your underfloor heating needs. Our low cost repair services can not be topped! We guarantee the most effective efficiency for the highest results. Once you are ready to invest in a reliable , cost-effective service that guarantees a long-term return to warmth, contact The Underfloor Heating Company London.
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Underfloor heating systems, whether you want to add an electrical or a water system, uniformly displace heat over the whole floor of your house. The heat rises from the air, making the home or business warm and cosy without any cold spots. Such heating systems are also energy effective, saving the average family up to 25% on domestic fuel bills and up to 50% on heating costs for industrial utilities. And the rewards will not end right there. Underfloor heating systems mean healthier air in your home or business, and they are far more energy effective than conventional heating systems. Radiators are invasive and can be a fire threat.

Underfloor heating systems are made to last, so it makes sense to run service tests every now and then to maintain the floor heating healthy. Underfloor Heating Company provides repair contracts of as little as £18.99 a month on both wet and electrical underfloor heating systems. Our engineers can collaborate with you to check out regular tests at a time that is suitable for you. We are control device testing specialists. You can rely on us to manage your underfloor heating system and to arrange any required repairs.
Underfloor heating systems - electrical or water systems uniformly displace heat over the whole floor of your house
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Underfloor Heating Repairs
Once the underfloor heating system is installed, the precautionary step you may take is to actually run the system for around half an hour per month during the season. If the weather is warm, it is possible to forget to keep the underfloor heating system in operation, but trying to operate it every once and a while reduces the chance of pumps and valves falling out.

Underfloor heating repairers use various forms of instruments, including thermal imaging equipment, to determine the exact position of the problem. Once the problem has been identified, the specialist will only have to work at that specific location to make repairs. The floor sensor may need to be replaced or a split in the underfloor heating pad cable fixed. No matter the repair, consumers should be confident that the underfloor heating company's specialists can guarantee efficiency, prompt and professional support and that any flooring improvements in the home or business should be negligible. We are specialists in the operation and maintenance of certain forms of underfloor heating systems.
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