New Offsite Show at London's ExCeL on 4-6 May 2021

Posted by: Media 10 Limited Date: 2020-11-19

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New Offsite Show at London's ExCeL on 4-6 May 2021

The new Offsite Show will be organised by Industry Expo, a Media 10 Group company, in partnership with Buildoffsite and will be co-located with UK Construction Week (UKCW), 4 dedicated UK Construction Week Summits and Grand Designs Live. 

Whilst being an independent and vertical event, specifically for the offsite market, it will benefit from the added interest from the expected 38,000 visitors to UKCW; which will include not only others with an interest in offsite, but new potential contacts in all fields of construction.

Paul Shelley, Director of organiser, Industry Expo said “Both Eddie Milton and myself will be calling on all our experience and contacts, having launched and managed a similar event until 2018. We are very excited about the co-location, as it means it not only helps to deliver an event the industry needs, but opens offsite up to a whole new audience, ensuring we are not just ‘singing to the choir.

Our partners Buildoffsite will be hosting a program of free to attend seminars and workshops with support from key industry stakeholders and Government departments.

Joe Dyde, Business Manager at Buildoffsite, said “The last few months have highlighted that we live in an increasingly remote, digital age, so all physical events will become increasingly important in 2021 and beyond. There is simply no substitute for meeting people in person and networking with peers, suppliers and customers, and we hope the Offsite Show will provide us all with the earliest opportunity to do just that”.

The underpinning theme of the event will be about the opportunities created from utilising offsite solutions and provide a showcase for a new and burgeoning market which is a vital component within the “Roadmap to Recovery”.

The Offsite Show will be the only vertical UK event that brings together the client and supply chain for all aspects of the rapidly expanding offsite construction sector, with the added benefit of targeting a wider, relevant audience, whilst flying the flag for offsite. 

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Nathan Garnett, Event Director of UK Construction Week also commented: 

We are delighted to be working with Industry Expo and Buildoffsite on this exciting launch alongside UK Construction Week London. Their aims and strategies align so well with ours and our partners on UKCW. It will be a real catalyst to drive demand as part of the recovery effort, and placing offsite construction at its heart.

The Offsite Show is for all sectors and will provide a business to business networking opportunity for those funders, clients, designers, constructors and suppliers who wish to improve the quality, performance in use, asset value and value of construction – both building and civil engineering.

New Offsite Show at London's ExCeL on 4-6 May 2021

This will be the biggest event, of its kind, in Europe, at a major venue in London, supported by key industry figures.

About the show:

The Offsite Show is the UK’s most innovative show and will take place at London's ExCeL on 4-6 May 2021. The event, in partnership with Buildoffsite, will welcome 4,000 high quality visitors with a vested interest in using offsite solutions and techniques for future business strategies, as well as associated products and services. 

About Buildoffsite:

Buildoffsite is a membership organisation with members from a wide range of UK and International client, supply, professional services and academic organisations. Buildoffsite’s mission is to be the trusted, independent voice of the UK construction industry with respect to off-site and pre-manufacturing, and to provide all relevant support to our Members and other stakeholders to enable them to feel confident to promote and adopt the same. 

About Industry Expo Ltd

Industry Expo Ltd is  headed by Paul Shelley and Eddie Milton, both seasoned professionals, who between them have well over 50 years in the events industry, including international and UK trade events, many of which have been spent in around the construction industry and were largely responsible for the launch and successful management of a similar event until 2018, when they move on to set up Industry Expo Ltd.

About UK Construction Week:

UK Construction Week is the UK's largest built environment event. In 2021, UK Construction Week will stage London (4-6 May) and Birmingham (5-7 October) editions to capitalise on Government's construction commitments.

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