Tired of living with condensation? How insulating paint can help you

Posted by: Timberwise Date: 2019-12-13

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Tired of living with condensation? How insulating paint can help you

As we are entering the colder months of this year, it is more than likely that you will want to keep warm this Christmas and the last thing you want to think about is mould. However, mould cannot and should not be ignored and has the potential to be harmful to your health if not dealt with.

Condensation is one of the main causes of mould in a property. Condensation is caused by homeowners carrying out day to day living activities such as washing and cooking. 

These everyday activities create warm moisture laden air. If the warm air can’t escape the property, the air will invariably land onto cold surfaces such as windows or walls - there is a possibility that mould could start forming as a result of this.

However, damp specialists Timberwise (www.timberwise.co.uk) have recently introduced an insulation material, a product designed to help properties suffering with condensation.

The issue of cold walls can now be avoided thanks to an insulating paint, or to give it its technical name a Climate Control Coating, called ThermalTek.

This type of anti-condensation paint works as an effective solution for cold internal walls as well as walls that are found in areas with high moisture levels such as bathrooms and kitchens.


ThermalTek works by increasing the temperature of the wall, thus reducing the temperature at which condensation occurs.

Below are the advantages of using this product:

- Prevents the formation of black spot mould or any other form of harmful fungi
- The paint allows the warm air to be reflected back into the room which will mean the overall temperature of room will increase
- Simple to apply through a roller or brush
- Reduces the chance of condensation occurring
- It takes over 60% longer for condensation to occur in your property
- Over painting or wallpapering can still be applied without harming the effectiveness of ThermalTek paint.
- Before ThermalTek insulating paint can be applied any mould on the walls would first have to be removed. Mould kits can be purchased through a number of web sites online.


Other Methods of Reducing Mould and Condensation

As well as using an insulating paint it is also recommended that if airflow in the property is poor that you install extractor fans in your home to ensure there is a good source of ventilation throughout the property. 

Fans should also be installed in areas where air tends to get warm and moist, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Drying washing inside can also lead to a build up of moisture so, whenever you can, always dry clothes outside or use a vented tumble dryer.


Saving You Time

Living with mould in property is not pleasant for any homeowner whether you have just bought a new home or have been living in the property for a long period of time.


Using ThermalTek anti-condensation paint will help ease your condensation woes. If you are unsure about condensation or any other damp issues that could be affecting your property contact a fully qualified damp specialist for advice.

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Timberwise is a specialist property care and preservation company providing services in damp proofing, woodworm treatment, dry rot treatment and basement waterproofing. We are accredited with the Property Care Association, Basement Waterproofing Association, Which? Trusted Trader and Check a Trade.

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