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Leading provider of ready mixed concrete for domestic and commercial customers in London, Kent, Essex and surrounding areas.

County Essex, England
City Essex
Address Unit 31 Kerry Avenue South Ockendon Essex, RM15 4YE

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Concrete Delivery London, Essex and Kent - iMix Concrete
Ready Mix Concrete Supplier based in London.

Ready-mixed concrete, volumetric on-site concrete delivered in precise proportions, or concrete pumping through ground lines or boom pumps... iMix offers all services in London and the South East. Because we use only high-quality aggregate in every mix, you can be confident that every work is of the highest quality and at a reasonable price.

iMix has been delivering high-quality concrete services to consumers in Ilford, Romford, and the surrounding areas for many years. As a family-run business, we take pleasure in providing the best quality service, regardless of the size or scope of the job at hand. We give our experience for both small and big applications, ranging from home upgrades to commercial building projects.

We also provide same-day and next-day delivery, so you won't have to worry about being kept waiting for your concrete, and once it arrives, you'll only pay for what you use – no more charges. We also offer a simple concrete calculator to help you with the calculations.

Ready Mix concrete across London and the South East

iMix Concrete is pleased to be a major provider of ready-mixed concrete to residential and business clients in London, Kent, Essex, and the surrounding areas. We try to deliver efficient and effective service, regardless of the size or scope of the work. With years of industry expertise, you can be confident that we are the appropriate London concrete business for you.

Our Concrete Services:

• Ready-mixed Concrete Delivery
• On-Site Mixed Concrete
• Volumetric Concrete
• Self-Compacting Concrete
• Commercial Concrete
• Domestic Concrete
• No Fines Concrete
• 24 Hour Concrete
• Waterproof Concrete
• Barrow Mix Concrete
• Concrete Pumping
• Fibre Concrete
• iFlow - Liquid Screed
• Concrete Boom Pumping
• Foam Concrete
• Concrete Floor Screed
• Ground Line Pumps
• High-Strength Concrete
• Underfloor Heating Screed

Concrete Products we provide:

- Concrete Jersey Barriers
- Concrete iBlocks
- Concrete For Slabs & Pads
- Aggregates
- Quality Control & Testing

We are proud of excellent client service, so why not give us a call for your next project?
iMix Concrete provides the following services:

Concrete Works / Concrete Contractors

On-site mixed concrete

On-site mixed concrete is the most convenient and cost-effective option to receive the proper concrete for your project, and with our handy service, you can be certain of timely, efficient delivery to meet your demands.


Volumetric concrete

Our volumetric concrete mixing trucks enable us to make customised concrete mixes by measuring the volume of the materials rather than the weight, resulting in a more exact combination.

Delivery of ready-mixed concrete

Our skilled concrete specialists are all highly qualified and experienced, so you can rely on them to assist you in obtaining the appropriate amount and kind of ready mixed concrete for your project.

Self-compacting concrete

Self-compacting concrete is perfect for applications requiring concrete to be put around difficult barriers such as pipes and underfloor heating.

Concrete for commercial use

iMix's expert concrete suppliers have years of experience offering commercial clients a convenient, quick, and cost-effective concrete delivery service.


Domestic concrete

For many years, we have provided a quick and cost-effective household concrete delivery service, and we have assisted with a wide range of domestic projects, from driveways to home additions.

No fines concrete

No fines concrete is a batch that does not contain fine aggregates, like sharp sand and crushed stone that is included in other concrete mixes.

Concrete floor screed

The type of screed used for underfloor heating is critical to the heater's efficiency. We provide concrete and screed for underfloor heating, which guarantees that the heat is distributed uniformly while preserving a clean, appealing appearance for your floor.

24hr concrete

Contact iMix today, regardless of when you need your concrete, and we'll see what we can do to assist you. Our after-hours concrete service ensures that our high-quality supplies are delivered at the most inconvenient times, keeping your project on pace.

Waterproof Concrete

To maintain a damp-proof and watertight finish, waterproof concrete is required for a number of applications such as basements, retaining walls, swimming pools, and ponds.


Barrow mix concrete

Barrow mixed concrete provides a simple means of transporting concrete over short distances while minimising mess and maximising professionalism.

High-strength concrete

Regular concrete may not be strong enough for tasks that demand a higher level of strength.

Fibre Concrete

Concrete is well-known for its strength and resilience, but when further reinforcement is required, fibre concrete is the way to go.

Foam Concrete

Foamed concrete has a lot of advantages, notably in terms of noise and heat insulation.


You can rely on iMix for same-day or next-day delivery to get the job done quickly. We can provide low pricing on a wide range of items to assist you in completing your project.

Liquid Screed

iMix Concrete is glad to provide Liquid Concrete Screed delivery throughout London, Kent, and Essex. This service is currently offered by our specialised Liquid Screen Concrete batching equipment, which assures consistent screed, mixture, and flow.

Concrete Works / Concrete Contractors iMix Concrete
iMix only use prime quality aggregate in every mix, ensuring high strength concrete and the correct grades you need for every job.
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