Concrete iBlocks

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Concrete iBlocks
Sold by: iMix Concrete - high-quality concrete services, ready mix concrete, volumetric on-site concrete in London and the South East
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Concrete iBlocks. Concrete blocks are a strong, dependable, and adaptable building material that may be used in a variety of construction applications. However, iBlocks are a step away from normal concrete blocks with smooth surfaces. These are iMix's own Lego-style concrete blocks, which are being adopted by an increasing number of construction companies, and their growing popularity attests to their quality.

The nodules on the top, similar to those seen on a standard Lego brick, are the distinguishing feature of these blocks. These nodules, together with the corresponding indentations on the blocks' undersides, allow them to be interlocked to create strong, stable constructions.

Their adaptability also allows them to be manoeuvred and altered as needed so that any unforeseen changes in the scenario do not need costly redesigns. Our iBlocks may be utilised in any household, commercial, or industrial facility, from fire break walls as part of Fire Prevention Plans to counterweights, salt storage, and silage clamps.
Height0.6 m
Width0.6 m
Destinationconstruction applications
Length1.5 m
BrandIMix Concrete
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