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Tree surgeons impressed by the lithium electric Hinowa spider platform

Posted by: Access Platform Sales Ltd Date: 2021-03-29

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Tree surgeons impressed by the lithium electric Hinowa spider platform

One of Northern Ireland's largest tree maintenance companies has purchased a lithium battery-powered 26-metre Hinowa spider platform, and its teams are still impressed with its capability.

Access Platform Sales delivered an all-electric Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 Performance IIIS spider platform to R&M Greenkeepers in Cookstown, County Tyrone (APS). According to R&M Greenkeepers Managing Director Kyle Smyth, the company needed the extra height and reach that the spider platform provides, as well as the machine's safety and sustainability advantages.

He also mentioned: “The lithium Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 has been very well received by our teams already. It’s powerful and very responsive and the extra reach it provides makes their work easier and more productive. The platform combines the operational capabilities we need with zero carbon and low-noise operation, which sits very well with our aim of providing safe and eco-friendly service. A lot of our customers, which include many public sector organisations, are encouraging suppliers to move towards low carbon footprint operations, and the Lightlift 26.14 does that. We can see the all-electric power being more cost-effective in the long-run, in terms of fuel cost savings, while the low noise working supports safety by greatly improving communication between members of the team.

The Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 spider platform is powered by lithium-ion batteries and has a maximum operating height of 25.7m, a maximum outreach of 13.6m, and an unrestricted basket size of 230kg. It also has all of the other industry-leading features seen in the Performance range, such as one-button secure set up and stow, two-speed tracking, and compressed air and water supply to the basket.


R&M Greenkeepers has six tree maintenance teams and employs 68 people in Northern Ireland to provide forest care, landscaping, and golf greenkeeping. It had previously used a petrol-powered Hinowa Goldlift 23.13 IIIS before deciding on the Lightlift 26.14, and the efficiency improvement was significant.

Kyle Smyth said: “With the lithium electric 26.14, power delivery is instant. It’s very quick to get to height, positioning the basket is precise and it’s very stable. Teams that have used it already love it. As a business, moving to lithium all-electric power will also help us maintain our ISO 14001 environmental accreditation and will impress a lot of customers who are also transitioning to low-carbon methods of working.

He stated that they are also confident that they can reach the required rate of efficiency, knowing that they will use a small mobile generator to charge the battery on-site if necessary. Because of the safety and consumer advantages of low-noise operation, R&M Greenkeepers has already used lithium battery chainsaws. Putting capital into lithium Hinowa LL 26.14 was a part of the same mechanism of positive change. 

All Hinowa products are distributed by APS in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Shane Paver, APS Northern Sales Director, said: “We’re delighted to be working with forward thinking tree management specialists like R&M Greenkeepers. They’re experience mirrors other contractors who are finding there are multiple benefits from going all electric to work at height. Hinowa is a world leader in lithium power systems for aerial platforms and APS provides after sales service and expert advice that makes it easy to adopt a technology that’s safer, greener and enhances operational performance.

From the 14m Hinowa Goldlift 14.70 to the 33m Hinowa Lightlift 33.17, APS will supply lithium battery powered spider platforms. Bi-energy versions with lithium batteries and diesel engines are available for the Hinowa LL 26.14 and Hinowa LL 33.17.

Learn more about APS's whole line of electric lithium battery Hinowa spider platforms. Call 01480 891251.

For further information visit www.accessplatforms.co.uk

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