AOV Smoke Vent Window - Triple Glazed

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AOV Smoke Vent Window - Triple Glazed
Sold by: Glazing Systems Ltd - Canopies, Carports & Verandas Installations, Solid Polycarbonate Sheets, PETG and acrylics
Price: 1,280.00
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AOV Smoke Vent Window - Triple Glazed. AOV Smoke Vent Window - Triple Glazed - Certified to EN 121101-2

Our AOV smoke vents are designed to remove smoke immediately in the case of a fire. Our AOVs are thoroughly tested and certified in compliance with BS EN 12101-2, complying with safety, non-fragility and fire safety requirements with the full assurance of the existing, approved UK manufacturer.

All the sizes provided achieve a higher Aerodynamic Free Area of more than 1.0 Aa m2 in a lobby and 0.70 Aa m2 in a stairwell as per the criteria of EN 12101-2, not the grey area "free vent area" which is commonly cited.

General Information

Suitable for residential and commercial buildings
Thermally broken kerb (PVC)
Extremely secure with concealed individual fixings within security caps
Hinged long side (where applicable)
10 year guarantee
CE Marked
Weatherproofed to the full height of the upstand
Designed to last in excess of 20 years under normal conditions

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