Concrete Pipes

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Concrete Pipes
Sold by: Cotterill Contractors - drainage, sewage treatment, water management and pollution control solutions
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Concrete Pipes. A dependable and long-lasting system, especially under load.

Effective solution that is known for its high manufacturing quality, consistent strength, and ease of installation.

These are only a few of the advantages.

BSEN 1916 and BS 5911-1 are both accepted.

All of our Spigot & Socket Pipes are intended to fulfil BSEN 1916 & BS 5911-1 specifications, ensuring high quality and peace of mind when installed.

Spherical lifting anchors are installed.

Spherical lifting anchors are standard on pipes with diameters greater than or equal to 1200DN. Lifting anchors can be installed in smaller diameter pipes upon request. All lifting anchors can be utilised with 10 tonne lifting shackles.

High strength

Concrete pipe is less prone to damage during construction and retains its shape by not deflecting due to its qualities. Concrete pipe's intrinsic strength can compensate for site issues such as construction flaws and increased fill heights and trench depths.


The durability of a product is influenced by a variety of concrete qualities. Compressive strength, density, water absorption, water / cement ratio, alkalinity (the amount of cement in the concrete), cement type, and aggregates are among these qualities.
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