Rapid Ramp

A leading UK metal modular ramp company, manufacturer and supplier, located in South-East England

County East Sussex, England
City St Leonards on Sea
Address 10 Menzies Road, Ponswood Industrial Estate
Phone 01424 714646

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Latest products added by Rapid Ramp

A UK leading modular ramp manufacturer, offering a nationwide supply and installation service.

Our metal ramp has a fully adjustable design to provide access to different sized spaces and buildings.

We provide free quotations. Each includes 3D drawings using our in-house computer software, and site surveys can be arranged.

Rapid Ramp is a fully adjustable modular wheelchair ramp, constructed from galvanised steel components that are bolted together.

Modular components come in various sizes, lengths and widths to suit different areas and applications. Plus, platforms can be designed in both straight-through and turning configurations.

Access Equipment

Modular Ramps

The wheelchair access ramp can be designed in a variety of configurations to match different sizes, giving specifiers, architects and users an unbeatable level of mobility.

Modular Steps

Modular access steps will make a perfect addition to any ramp construction, providing the required access for able-bodied users.

They can also be stand-alone entry steps that are outside of the Rapid Ramp System.

Rapid Edge Ramp

Rapid Edge Ramp is a rubber ramp intended to overcome minor internal raises and thresholds that do not require the use of a traditional entry ramp.

Crowd Control Barriers

Pedestrian barriers, also known as crowd control barriers or crowd barriers, provide a flexible solution for social distancing and crowd control.
Rapid Ramp provides the following services:
Aerial Work Platform Sales & Hire / Access Ramp Systems

Enjoy a convenient, all-inclusive package of ramp rentals.

Temporary Rapid Ramps & Steps are available for long or short term hire.


Hire package includes:

• Free quotation with technical and 3D CAD drawings

• Site survey (If applicable)

• Installation

• Removal

• The minimum hire period applies, and the rental duration is flexible (more details available on application).

Rent a Ramp that's ideal for:

- Building improvement works.

- Temporary modular buildings, e.g. portable classrooms, offices, cabins, marquees, and changing units.

- Leased buildings.

- Temporary hospital buildings.

- Overcoming access challenges.

- Those needing a temporary walkway.

As shown below, we deliver three varied service packages to suit the different access needs of the requirement. In the context of your enquiry, please indicate the service package necessary.


An all-inclusive, stress-free solution that we manage in-house with our own installation crews throughout the UK. This kit includes a full inspection (if applicable), quote, CAD and technical drawing, delivery and installation.


No site survey is included, but a CAD quotation and a technical drawing are included with a copy of our implementation video. As a producer and stockist, you'll find that our delivery times are much quicker!


Temporary rapidity Ramps and steps are available for long-term or short-term hiring. Once it is no longer needed, the structure will be removed, leaving the area in its original condition.

The minimum rental period shall apply and the rental period shall be flexible (more details available on application).

Aerial Work Platform Sales & Hire / Access Ramp Systems Rapid Ramp
UK leading metal modular ramp manufacturer, nationwide supply and fit service. Rapid Ramp System has a fully adjustable metal design, that can be modified and adapted to fit different sized residential and public spaces
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