Gamafloor Raised Floor PAC

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Gamafloor Raised Floor PAC
Sold by: Polygroup Europe - Raised Floors Systems: False Floor Gamafloor, Full Steel, Gamafloor Pac, Raised Floor Bank, Perforated Panels
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Gamafloor Raised Floor PAC. GAMAFLOR PAC, a raised access floor system, is designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of applications, offering considerable load resistance, fire rating, and thus lowering investment costs. GAMAFLOR PAC is a traditional system designed and built by POLYGROUP using the most up-to-date manufacturing technology in terms of LEED parameters, which aids in the LEED certification process for recycled component materials.

Floor with green access Gamaflor PAC 35/05 is made up of high-density chipboard core panels with a galvanized steel sheet bottom surface that provides enhanced fire and moisture resistance. PAC panels for raised access floors are highly configurable, with a variety of covering finish options available from the factory to make the device into fully open.

Raised floor system GAMAFLOR PAC has a significant high resistance features to static and dynamic loads and fire rating (Bfl-s1 under UNE EN 13501). A stable structure stands on stringers and pedestals ensuring its structural integrity, stability and levelled floor.
The GAMAFLOR PAC access floor panel thickness can be configured in 30, 35 and 40 mm respectively in compliance with the demanding load requirements. Lightweight system and easy to install.

Suitable for heavy traffic

Light weight

Adjustable heights

High load capacity
Dimensionspanel size 600×600
Materialsteel encapsulated and cement injection
Thicknesspanel thickness 34 mm
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