Gamaflor Full Steel Raised Floor

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Gamaflor Full Steel Raised Floor
Sold by: Polygroup Europe - Raised Floors Systems: False Floor Gamafloor, Full Steel, Gamafloor Pac, Raised Floor Bank, Perforated Panels
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Gamaflor Full Steel Raised Floor. Its high resistance to fire and loads, as well as its acoustic absorption level and inalterability under moisture, ensure its suitability for a wide range of applications. Corporations, architecture and engineering studios entrust their commercial and industrial projects to European raised floor GAMAFLOR because of the steel cementitius raised access floor's technical and aesthetical high adaptability.

The GAMAFLOR Raised Access Floor FULL STEEL structure is made up of two electrowelded steel sheets that have been injected with light cement at high pressure and completed with an epoxy anticorrosive smooth painting layer.

The solid fully bolted GAMAFLOR elevation structure (pedestal-stringer) ensures robust stability, levelling and a better acoustic absorption within the different accessible flooring systems.

The inert composition (steel cement panel) classifies this system as having 0% humidity absorption, resulting in the lowest thermal conductivity rating compared to other conventional raised floor tiles on the market.

High load capacity

False Floor Fire resistance

Fire resistance

False Floor Acoustic features

Acoustic features

False Floor 0% moisture absorption

0% moisture absorption

False Floor Seismic resistant

Seismic resistant
Dimensionspanel size 600×600
Materialsteel encapsulated and cement injection
Thicknesspanel thickness 34 mm
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