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Small Garden Pod

The product Small Garden Pod is sold by Quick Kit Build Ltd company and is part of the Garden Rooms product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Small Garden Pod you can contact the company Quick Kit Build Ltd via an offer request below.
Small Garden Pod
Sold by: Quick Kit Build Ltd - a full range of tiled conservatory roofs to suit all types of conservatories and situations.
Price: £640
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Small Garden Pod. Quick Kit Build's customised garden pods allow you to create your ideal quiet hideaway. By building a garden pod, you may create an area that is suitable for usage all year and provides much-needed privacy.

Much more permanent than a shed, our garden pods are built to last with full installation and may even be outfitted with mains electricity to be used for anything from an office to a private gym.

We offer to a wide range of consumers, including self-build kits for a more do-it-yourself approach. Our Garden Pods start from £4685 + VAT and allow you to quickly and easily create extra space for you and your family.
Dimensions2400 x 2400
ColourCream or Goosewing Grey with Anthracite Trims
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