The Elegance Garden Room

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The Elegance Garden Room
Sold by: Quick Kit Build Ltd - a full range of tiled conservatory roofs to suit all types of conservatories and situations.
Price: £9995
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The Elegance Garden Room. The stunning pitched-roof design establishes a new standard in luxury.

The Elegance Garden Room is ideal if you want a spacious alternative with a wow effect.

It's ideal for use as a home studio, multi-person home office, or multi-purpose area.

There are two sizes available: 6.8 × 3.5 m and 8x4 m.

Prices start at £9995.

Quick Kit Garden Rooms

Offsite manufactured for quick assembly, highly efficient and stylish garden rooms and studios.
Size6.8 × 3.5 m and 8x4 m.
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